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    Overheated VX Deluxe Waverunner - Did I hurt my baby????


    Great forum you have here! I have been lurking for a year or so and learned quite a bit from your guys.

    I have a 2008 Yamaha VX Deluxe with about 60 hours on the clock. Today I was running it in the Barnegat (NJ) Bay for about 20 minutes at 25mph. As I slowed down to pull into a marina I ran into a large patch of eel grass. Sure enough, after a minute of idling through the grass-choked water the engine warning buzzer went off. I shut down and cleared the intake of grass, but upon start-up the warning buzzer continued to sound. Again I checked the grate but it was clear this time. When I started it up, the buzzer sounded, and I blipped the throttle a few times hoping it might clear the clog, that is when a heard a series of "pops" from under the seat. It wasn't a metal-on-metal sound, it was a muted popping sound.

    I flushed the cooling system at the marina, but once the fresh-water hose was disconnected, water failed to come out of the little pisser up front.

    The nearest boat ramp was about half a mile away, so as I was being towed I had the engine idling so the bilge would not fill up with water. The engine did not overheat during the 20-minute tow.

    I suspect the water strainer may be clogged. Is that plausible? I have the service manual and plan to check the strainer tomorrow. Is there a filter medium in the strainer? Could it have become clogged with the grass?

    What could have caused the popping sounds I heard? Did I damage my 60-hour Amsoil-lubricated, Colonite-waxed, babied Waverunner????

    Thank you in advance.

    UPDATE: Today I removed the water inlet strainer and it was clear of debris. I hooked up a fresh-water hose to the flush inlet and let the waverunner idle. After five minutes the warning buzzer sounded.

    Any idea as to what my problem is?


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    If no water is coming out of the pissers, even when you are running it on the hose, it sounds like you have a clogged line somewhere. Not familiar with VX models, but you need to disconnect the cooling lines and find out where it may be clogged. Blowing air threw them is a good way to help located the blockage.

    Also, make sure nothing is wrapped around the impeller.

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    Thanks for the response.

    The impeller is clear.

    The waverunner is now at the dealership (Open on Sundays, but closed on Mondays). They hooked up to the computer and confirmed the multiple overheat incidents. They flushed the lines and everything now appears okay. They will run it in the water on Tuesday to confirm everything is running fine.

    I still have no explanation for the popping sounds.


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