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    01 virage txi-gauges quit working-help?

    With a dead battery I used a batt charger at 50amps start mode for a few minutes, and it tried to turn over from nothing awhile before. I switched it to 10 amps and left it for an hour and then it started with no gauges working. Is this an easy fix or have I fried the gauges? Best way to test/repair/replace? thx!
    Do I dare swap the gauges over from the 99 genisis to test if it's gauges or wiring?

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    Never use a high output 'charger' on a PWC. If the battery is dead, charge it gently (even 10 amps is a huge charge rate for a PWC battery). If the battery is worn out, replace it with a new one.

    These PWC do NOT like electrical surges and voltage spikes.

    Find and replace the fuse for the display. Do not use a higher amp fuse, replace with the correct rating fuse.

    You can swap displays between Genesis and Virage - no problem with that.

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