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    155 or 215 Speedster?

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a 2004-2008 Speedster with either the 155 or 215 engine. I have had several skis / boats before so know of the s/c issues etc etc etc.

    However although i have owned a 200 Speedster & 230 Wake boat, i have never been in either of these (although i did have a 1995 Speedster with twin 85s way back!) so which should i buy?

    Is there a big difference in speed / acceleration? Pros/cons? (apart from sc washers obviously)

    Are there and major changed from 2004-2008 that i should be aware of?

    Any input greatly appreciated.


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    215 nothing else better on fuel at cruising speed and lot more fun

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    My opinion is if you're willing to pay the extra $ and can deal with the sc issue then by all means get the 215. There is a difference in speed/acceleration of course but only you can decide if the difference is worth it to you. There are plenty of very satisfied 155 and 215 owners out there but it's a choice you have to make for yourself. Some people consider a few seconds better acceleration and few mph on top end highly significant while others do not.

    Pro/cons? 215 is faster, 155 has no sc issues, that's the long and short of it. Performance vs maintenance.

    BRP did try to improve the sc reliability between 2004-2008 with some incremental changes but not until late 2008 did they finally get rid of the ceramic washers. Also remember that with the steel washers the sc needs to be rebuilt at 100 hours.

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