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    Can the exhaust manifold on a 2000 gtx di be converted ?????

    I have a 2k di, my manifold is craked where the oring sits on the flange. I have found another manifold but it has a gasket, it is also from a di but diff model ski. Does anyone know if these will interchange if so what has to be replaced?

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    It will work but use a good quality gasket and new bushings in the pipe mounts. and what everyone calls a Diaper to protect the engine if it leeks. Personely I prefer the gasket cause I have seen tons of the late model manifolds fail just like you describe.

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    Yeah I ordered one last night, gaskets also. I couldnt figure out why mine really wouldn't rev past 6100-6200 after new everything found exhaust manifold was cracked. Love the ski but seems like a really crappy design with this oring. Bad thing is it was starting to let water run back into the cylinders. The 600 in weiscos I put in because of a cheap oring.. Go figure..

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