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    2000 GTX Millenium 951 cc Carburetor acceleration bog out!!


    I have a 2000 Millenium Edition 951cc carburetor motor 135 HP and upon initial acceleration from DEAD STOP, it boggs out and pretty much dies.. Once immediately out of the hole running it is totally fine mid and top end. I noticed when I pull the choke out for a split second and back in it jumps out of the hole fine and cleans up for a split second... I just had the carbs rebuilt $600 last year and ran very good for awhile... It has a gentle 50 hours on it total and is in Beautiful condition..
    If you have any suggestions it would be very much appreciated...

    Thank you very much..

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    sounds like they cleaned the carbs and didnt change out the fuel lines or clean the selector the sticky at the top of the two stoke page and you will be good as new

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