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    Sl650 fuel problem?

    Right here we have it the last Peice of the jigsaw in my sl650 1994 model I had her on the water and is not getting fuellthrottle sometimes I get full throttle but other times I don't very weird was wondering if this is a fuel issue and when I tale the spark plugs out there black and oily but when in water I can have the choke slightly on amd goes fine but when I put it back down doesn't work why is this pleeeeease help me

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Choke being applied and helping is a sign of running lean. You need to get more fuel to the cyls.

    Have you done the "normal" fuel system upgrades to the ski?

    Running like that WILL result in a damaged piston or pistons.

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    i never ran it as that i just checked it, also how do u get fuel into the cyinders? the carbs have been stripped and rebuilt by checking diaphrams etc didnt
    solve the problem what do you mean by normal fuel system upgrades?
    thanks xlint

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