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    Question VX110 ---- changeing prop up from stock----- steeper pitch...were to buy

    Hey guys, figured I'd pick your brains for this. I ride rivers and lakes for the most part.
    Have a stock setup prop but going to be changing it out for a steeper pitch i'd guess. I no I'll be sacrificing low end grunt but thats not a concern for me as i don't tow and rarely ride two up.

    Watching the tac., it would seem there's not much more gain after5500 rpm with my stock prop. Theres plenty of power left just no more gear so to speak. I'm not new to gearing or props so throw a few suggestions at me. I am currently running around 50 @6300 rpm
    I no the four stroke has the nut to run a steeper pitch just don't no how far i can go and don't want to be wasting a ton of money trying to figure it out.

    thanks in advance

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    ANYONE???? after researching the net, this and other sites I've been trying to educate myself. i am stuck between ordering an 18/22 or 18/24.

    i am guessing 18/24 solas or skat but would really like to hear form someone with impeller knowledge or have gone up 2 degrees from stock. again, i would like more top end and bringing the revs down a tad. thanks in advance

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