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    Considering a trampoline - Rave Ozone

    Anyone have any experience with these trampolines? My daughter REALLY wants one after seeing one out on the water the other day. What are the things we should think about when considering them?

    Anyone have one? You like it? Don't? Thanks.

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    My aunt bought 1 no slide just the trampoline. She had a houseboat on a slip. Used it for 1 summer. I think they found it to be too cumbersome. If I were in a covered slip with a big hoist on top of houseboat it would be ok. If I had to deal with transporting, filling, etc I would not deal with it.

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    I purchased one similar to the one you posted from dicks sporting goods for around $250 plus $75 for for the slide. they are a fun item for the kidds and it will keep them busy all day. Not a bad investment but don't expect it to be a full out trampoline. You are able to get some air but nothing extreme. Fyi don't let drunk adults get on it

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    I wondered about it being too much to take along but I thought it would be fun for the kids. Good point about not being a true trampoline. Kids would be use to getting some air but would probably enjoy the water version.
    Thanks for the time about the drunk adults, i'll definitely keep it in mind

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    Well, we used the trampoline and it was a hit. It is a little cumbersome to take along and use but it was really worth it after watching the kids all day. They had a blast. I think we'll get into a rhythm of taking it with us. It was a great time and even the adults had a good time - though we did have a few that tried to get a little more "air" than they should and had a lovely splat Good time for everyone I think. We are happy with the decision to get it. And the kids definitely are happy!!!

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    I've seen those out on the lake by my house. They look like a blast. I'm probably to fat Do you guys tow it to the middle of the lake? The one I saw was kinda near shore.

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    Glad to hear it worked out so well, Keep an eye out that it doesn't scrape any sticks or dogs attempt to jump onto it. I have about 3 holes to patch up next weekend.

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    Did you have any issues patching your trampoline? Was it difficult to patch? We have a trampoline and it needs to be patched.

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    I got a patch from an online store I've ordered from before and it worked great. We have had a patch on ours all summer with no issues. Trampolines really are a good time. We don't tow ours out very far, just off the dock but the kids have a great time. And so do we I admit.

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    I have a 13' one. Used it this past weekend for the first time this summer. It is a lot of trouble. Air it up at the house then take it to the lake on a little trailer about 400' away with the atv. Put it out by the dock in about 8-10' of water and tie to an anchor. The ladder on mine isn't very good, hard to climb on. Not much bounce either. It had a slide but the kids managed to rip it the first day. The kids liked it for about 1/2 a day. If I don't have extra kids it's tooooo much work for a weekend. just my 2 cents.

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