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    seat strap

    can a strap be added to my seat for the second person to hold on to? My buddies Seadoo has one but mine doesn't. If it can be added it it something I get professionally done or can I DIY it?

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    I'm sure it wouldn’t be too hard to put a strap on a ski that doesn’t have one. I'm not sure how the seadoo’s have them integrated but I'm sure you could add one fairly easy by finding some sort of strap or handle and then bolting it through the hull or sewing one up and integrating it into the seat... Be one of the firsts to fab one up to one of our skis and maybe it will catch on!

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    I love those straps on the Seadoos! They are much easier to hang on to by being able to pull up thereby holding you downward. I have often thought I'd like to try and put one on our two ShO's..they are very practical and serve a good purpose.

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    My family has owned sea-doo since '96 and I have never really liked hanging on to the strap if I was riding bitch. It never felt as secure to me as holding on to the back, or just holding onto my dads life jacket

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    On my old 2000 XLL I had a ratchet strap that I wrapped around the seat and tightened (with the latch portion under the seat of course!). Instant secured strap that can easily be removed!

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