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    Question F/I Code Flashing

    Guys I'm posting this question for a friend, I told him to join but he's a little slow...LOL!

    Anyway he purchased a used '07 R12X & every time he goes above 5000 RPM's his ski flashes "F/I". He turns it off to reset it & goes on. His ski appears to run fine as long as he stays below 5000 RPM's.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    It should show a code also, probably not charging the battery, and will need a rectifier to fix the problem.

    Get a meter, and check output at battery above 3500rpms, and above 5,000 rpms

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    If it is a turbo, he probably has a stuck shut wastegate or a leak in the boost control lines.

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    read the codes, all depends what code it's the problem. go to the service manual and read the code.

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