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    The SLT is back on line!

    Installed the .25 over jug n piston today. Guess what? It runs!. It was the center hole that burned a hole.

    I cleaned the carbs and turned up the highs and lows on everything. 1/4 turn on highs and a 1/8 on the lows.. I'm going to try to get it running rich all the time.. sick of the lean piston thing all the time. the other 2 had tiny wash patterns but not enough for my liking.

    A clean piston is a happy piston! I'd rather have it half clean than all black.. I dont care about 2 mph.

    Using 8's, so that should help keep it cool. sounded good to me firing it up.

    I did notice the Pto had some scratches in the Bore but oh well....

    The rings went on amazing fast. I tried all the ideas you all gave me.. the hose clamp,--- didnt work.. plastic..sorta worked. ended up just using my fingers and they slipped on fairly easily.. I lubed everything a lot with 2-stroke oil first, that helped slide everything togther. Had them all on in 20 mins.

    the big deal is getting the rings on the piston where the notches are on the lands, then the rest is easy.

    Just glad its fixed before july4th weekend!

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    good deal , i had thought i had to go get a fancy ring compressor even with my piston to wall clearence being less than 6 thou not the case ,

    did you do a light hone to give the rings a fresh start ?

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    The piston and jug was used already. so no need to hone. the ring n piston already were ran together for a while. Al though it does have some honing marks in the cylinder, so it wasnt that long ago that it was changed by someone else. I got it from another ski.

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