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    2010 RXT iS ECU part numbers

    So...the US RXT-X ECU P/N is 666322, and the int'l spec is 666323, but my ECU (2010 RXT iS) is a 666074. I don't remember the guys name, but the guy who tore apart a 2009 RXT iS took pictures during the tear down and his ECU is different than mine. I don't know his P/N at the moment and I'm at work so I can't see the pic I saved to my home puter so I can't post his ECU P/N...

    the fiche on SHS Power Sports lists the 666323 for my (presumably int'l) 2010 RXT iS ECU so I'm curious to know if anyone knows the scoop on these ECUs...



    p.s unrelated but just remembered - rode the crap out of my ski in really rough water this past weekend and my rear hatches didn't leak - I read the complaints about those leaking - mine are good to go. I have paid attention to not over fill the storage though cause I tried that at home playing with seeing how much I could stuff in - when I saw the seal wasn't good - I took out the extra stuff so it sealed right. Haven't had any problems so far...

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    iS rear hatches are good.

    For part number reference use

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    one1one - the brp site lists the same part numbers as the power sports site. Take a look at the pic of my ECU posted on my "Japan RXT iS @ 5 hours" thread a page or so back - my ECU part number is 666074, not either one of the ones listed on those sites...

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