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    Best Silicone for Drain Plugs? 97XP

    Hi Everyone,
    I know the SeaDoo parts manuals call out PN 293250030, Adchem Clear 4511. This was changed to 293800086. I am wondering if some Silicone II from Home Depot will work for my drain plug application as well? If not, what brand/type is the 293800086 or some recommendations on what has worked for people in the past?


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    when I want something to stay put I use a polyurethane adheasive sealant like sikaflex

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    I made a quick call to my local dealer. They said any RTV/Silicone will work.

    Am I inviting disaster using GE Silicone II? I can stop by my local West Marine for some better stuff if needed.

    EDIT: Lookaed at Skiaflex 291 and it lists incomparable material as Acrylic plastic (ABS, lexan). How do I know it will not react with the seal or drain plug itself?

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