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    2004 MSX150 - 5650 RPM limit, Gap in Service Manual??

    I have 2004 MSX150 with 20hrs. Engine won't run above 5600-5650 rpm. The turbo display on dash shows 1/2 boost (graphic is right in middle). Wastegate is free and can move by hand. Service manual says guides when various rpm limits are hit. Under mine (5,000 rpm???) says to check boost control, etc. Over mine (6,000 rpm) says to check knock/premium gas. However, there is no quide around my problem area. Any suggestions? Oil level is in correct range just over min. Thanks!

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    Cylinder compression?

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    I doubt there is engine damage as plugs looked great. I will check this to verify next weekend. Good point!

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    I should have mentioned that the ski has been warmed up and run quite a while and still has limited RPM. Also, I doubt low compression as it accelerates good until 5650.

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    Around this rpm with no check engine light or other known issues the problem is most likely a boost leak. Check all the hoses and clamps in the intake system, also check the bov and its associated hoses. And finally, check the isolator gasket under the throttle body. Check it for a crack or tear, if there is one it will likely be virtually invisible to see. Spraying some WD40 on it and wiping it off with a rag worked for me. The WD40 finds its way into the crack but the rag only cleans the surface leaving the WD40 in the crack to seep out.

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    ride04msx, you are right. I found the loose clamp today and it runs great again. Can't figure out how I overlooked it before, but oh well.. thanks!

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