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    2004 yamaha waverunner xlt 1200

    I dont think i am getting fuel to one of the cylinders. I ve taken the plugs out and the last plug (@ the rear of motor) is clean as the day i put it in (about a month ago) the other two look good you can tell they are getting fuel both have lil oil on them where should i start

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    How is the ski running otherwise? Try running the ski with that plug wire detached (out of the water) and see if the rpms change any at idle. If no change, then most likely a spark or fuel issue. A compression test is always useful also. This question has been asked many times, so it will be on you to do the research. Good luck.

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    Same thing happened to me. I disassembled my carb manifold and sent them to OsideBill (he is a mod here) and after they were re-built, engine runs like a top. Carbs were dirty especially with the ethanol that they are mixing with the fuel nowdays. I am now running some Marine Stabil in each tank to help with the corrosion.

    By the way, removing the carbs and reassembling is not for the average guy. It requires a good selection of tools, knowledge and some patience.

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