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    RXP-X Engine install in 2004 RXP?

    I recently had the misfortune of having an engine failure in my 2004 RXP. So now I am looking into possible options for repair. This is my
    current setup:
    2004 RXP
    95 hours
    Riva Intake, Blow Off Valve, Exhaust, Solas Prop, and supercharger metal washers.

    Just brain storming this is what came to mind as for repair:

    Basic repair or install a rebuilt engine with factory specs.

    But then I begin to think about possible upgrades I can do. Is it possible to install and RXP-X engine into the ski without major changes. I do recall the RXP-X was built with some stronger internals.

    Some insite into my failure. Ski was running. Definately up to temp, cruising behind a boat maybe 4-5k rpms. Boat goes to slow down so I accelerate to get past and ski cuts out when RPM's get up around 7-8k. Pulling plugs the #3 cylinder, rear cylinder clearly was contacted by something inside that cylinder. Other two cylinders look to be fine, no oil, nothing unusual on the plugs. Like I said I haven't taken apart yet, but still my mind is thinking about what went wrong. Ski only has 95 hours.

    1> I figure either stock intercooler let loose and hydro locked
    2>Head Dropped a valve
    3>Possible lean condition from the mods caused piston to melt / break
    4>Con Rod bearing failure, but there hasn't been any low oil warning previously or while riding.

    I know a lot of variables and questions above. This has just been racking my mind recently. Thanks for the help.

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    sounds like it dropped a valve and the rxpx motor if im not mistaken is the same minus the supercharger,intercooler and might as well save some money on a stock rxp motor (which im sure you can) and buy an x charger and fizzle intercooler and injectors...

    edit: just re-read your post.. not sure about the stronger internals.. im sure someone will chime in

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