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    How do I bleed the oil pump on a '98 XL1200

    Sorry, I'm sure the answer to this is on here somewhere but I've done my searching and came up with nothing.

    Basically, I need to change the oil feed line going into the pump therefore the pump will need bled. Can anyone instruct me on how to do this? Really just need to know where the bleed screw is. Thanks in advance!!

    Or should I just premix the first tank of gas and let the pump prime its self? If so, what ratio.... 50:1?


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    Hey Mike,

    Take a look at this post:


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    Just to add.. I followed the directions in the above link last week and it worked like a charm. You will need a larger diameter plastic hose to fit over the pump key. I think I used a piece of 3/8" ID. Run the drill in reverse (counter clockwise) at a high speed. It will take a couple minutes to prime all of the carb lines.

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    loosen screw on the top of pump 10mm.oil will leak out there.if not pinch on oil line from the oil bottel.let it leak till no air is left.tighten done and primed

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