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    Question Lake Shafer Indiana

    Can anyone give me some info input on this lake..My buddie bought a house in monon ..there is a no wake waterway that leads out to Lake shafer...Are there alot of open areas on lake shafer..Are there alot of no wakes...Are there locks dams etcs....Is this lake shafer pwc friendly as far as long runs with no wakes...thanks in advance looking to ride here soon with good reviews...

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    When I was young , I heard there were many stumps that could cause a lot of damage. That was over 45 years ago so I'm pretty sure they have been removed. I do know that they drain the lake about every ten years to do work on the dam (last time in 200. During these times they also do a lot of dredging to clear the lake of sediment that has built up as well as remove hazards to navigation. Sorry I couldn't provide more information. There aren't to many Indiana folks on this board but I thought the few that are here might have responded by now. I am only vaguely aware of this lake, I do all my boating about 75 miles NE of there.

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    It's not bad at all. We vacationed there for the past 8 years. This will be the first that we will not be going, dam economy. The lake gets pretty choppy fast. You can make some speed runs down the river, its pretty shallow. Around only 3 foot deep but always a sheet of glass. That is where we used to do our test and tune sessions. You can pretty much jump off anywhere and take a look at the ski. The only down fall is the weekend, it gets packed and its amateur hour. DNR is out like crazy friday through sunday because of it bustin people like crazy. I suggest if you go, going during the week, nice and melow and no DNR.

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