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    Do I need this hose??

    Ok, so today I started installing my Riva FF exhaust on my PX. It would be done but the part wont be here until tomorrow so the ski is all taken apart right now. What is the hose that connects to the left side of the engine cowling? Its plastic and im guessing its 4-5 inches in diameter. It attaches to a box at the cowling and just sits down in the hull. I could put this back in but if it doesnt do anything then id like to ditch it to help clean up the cramped hull. Also can I remove the box on the cowling that attaches to this hose? Im guessing where a rear air filter would sit??

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    Ditch the hose. The other piece isn't really in the way. I pulled that piece when I did my rear air.

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    thanks for the fast response!! Ill put it in the trash with the factory resonator.

    I have one more quick question about the VTS. I removed it per Rivas instructions but im not sure how the rubber gasket goes by the VTS nut (outside of hull). One side has lettering and the other side has 2 grooves (I think this side faces the hull). Can anyone clarify this??

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