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    Fuel Float Replacment


    I have a 2003 GP1300R and the fuel gauge does not work.

    I pulled the fuel pump and the bracket holding the float arm is broken. Looking at the microfiche it only lists the entire fuel pump as a complete assembly and its $450 bucks. I cant see spending $450 for just the $3 plastic clip i need. Anyone know where to find just the brackets? Or a way to jump the fuel sensor out so it always reads full?

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    take a pic of what you need i think i have one in my toolbox @ work

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    Quote Originally Posted by vomitspot View Post
    take a pic of what you need i think i have one in my toolbox @ work

    that's a good man,that's what this GH forum is all about, try to get parts no matter how small, here first.Try not to be at the mercy of the dealer

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