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    Is the underseat vent tube a necessary item?

    My ski didn't come with the underseat vent tube and was wondering if it was even necessary to have? It can be picked up cheap but was wondering if I should even bother

    It's this thingy below...
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    I have a 96 XP as well. I've never ran the vent. It's sitting on a shelf in the garage.

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    Remember this vent is there to help out when the ski is flipped over. It creats a air pocket in the hull when fliped, so your ski doesn't sink to the bottom.

    But With my 96xp I can rid the hell out of it and never flip it. It just pops back on end.


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    Yah I've got a good amount of hours on another XP and some harsh riding and never flipped it, so I guess it'll be OK

    If I come across one local I might pick one up

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    i saw that tube on a friends xp a while back dosen't it have some sort of air filter also inside it?

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