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    VX1100 Thru Hull Exhaust

    I'm wanting to fab a thru-hull exhaust for my 2010 vx1100...But I am have a problem finding a thru-hull flange or fitting....I am useing 2.5" tubeing so would need something in that size. So where are you guys finding your exhaust flanges?

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    you can go to the seadoo section in the online store and get either a RIVA or RUDE thru hull tip. they are a hair bigger than 2.5". i've seen guys use thru hull fittings from boats too, not sure if they are 2.5" though.

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    which side of the ski are you planning to put it on?? was thinking of taking the fz rear exhaust and modifying it but never really bothered :/

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    Thumbs up Home made thru hull...

    Hi there buddy,

    I build mine before Riva had anything available. You can use the Kawasaki exhaust tip and modify your free flow exhaust pipe to get the right angle...

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