so saturday i picked up a 2001 stx di. it has been sitting for two years with out stabil. took it on a test drive and at first it surged some then cleared out and ran pretty decent for a 50mph ski. ran it till low fuel light came on and then purchased it. went and filled it with 93 and half can of sea foam. took it out later that day and after about a half hour started dying under 2k rpm. but you give it a little gas and it starts up and takes off normally. but it will not idle to save its life. so i changed plugs and ran a heavy amount of sea foam and pulled fuel filter shook it and poured it out and its clean? so im thinking i may have somthing small stuck on an injector. but am kinda leary to pull them and look. they look like they are slightly different than regular injectors i believe called ficht. so i am looking for any and all info on the system such as pressures the lift sys should run at,flow, are the injectors able to be pulled and soaked? or if maybe this could be like a map sensor problem? any suggestions info anything would be helpful. thanks guys hope you can help me out. i posted two threads in the 2 stroke performance forum thinking they might know but got 1 response. so if anybody around here might know somthing i would be very greatful.