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    help 1994 Polaris 750 SL issue

    I have a 1994 Polaris 750 SL The problem I am having is when I hit a wake or a big wave at high speed it will dies almost sending me over handle bars. like I hit the kill switch. As soon has I hit starter it starts righ up. Any ideas what this could be?

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    What maintenance have you done to it?

    How long have you owned it?

    Is the plastic cover in place over the battery?

    I just bought a Polaris PWC - what should I do?

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    I have had it for three years replaced spark plugs fuel filter. Thats about it. it runs good in strait line smooth water. Easy start. My son did swamp it last year we drained all water and did tune up.

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    check the fuel pick ups in the tank. maybe the weighted screens fell off and when you jump a wave, the hoses go all over the place and you loose fuel pressure and it dies. or maybe its a short that only comes out to play when your jumping waves. battery strapped down with the cover on it? battery leads tight? ground on the rideplate tight?\

    pull on the motor one way and see if its bolted to the plate. i had the same ski and the bolts fell out of the bottom ,, not the plate bolted to the hull. the bolts in the engine holding it to the plate. if you get airborne it could loose its connection and die. on a straight line ride, it wouldnt happen.. just a few ideas to kick around..

    if it was swamped, the stator, the trim motor and all the wiring could be corroded. hyoctanes was swamped once and it wrecked everything electrical pretty much. check the ebox inside to check for all connections being tight too and /or rusted.

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    Thanks for the ideals I will check the motor plate. This makes since. When I turn fast it will also die. The motor may be rocking thanks agian.

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