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    i am taking it this is were i belong? yes i am new!

    hello everyone, i am new to the pwc world. just bought the pair of them earlier this month (june2010).
    95 wave venture 700, did not run start click nothing, took apart what i am calling the controller (?) and found broken corroded bat and wire connections, fixed them and she starts and runs, though the steering cable is broken so it only makes left turns ( new cable ordered). but it runs great, and somehow faster then the 96 ?????
    96 wave raider 760, runs great right off the trailer, but some how slower the the 95????

    i have no idea how many hours are on them but both skis were and have been in use though not by the most diligent person in the maintenece department. he sold them when the 95 just up and quit and couldnt figure it out. bad for him... good for me... i think i stole them.

    so for my newbie questions,
    1- what maintinece can or should be done?
    2- i am a bit skeptical of two stroke "auto oiler system" i have heard horror stories, they both seem to be working, but how much oil do they use, tank of gas vs tank of oil.
    3-the digital display on the 95 does not work and on the 96 its erratic at best, were to start.
    4- were to get parts? i ordered the steerring cable for the 95 from parts pit stop online. they were the cheapest i found at 140.00 plus 18.50 shipping.
    5- towing a tube? the 95 is more the cruiser type, longer, wider. and suggestions?

    other then that, thats about it for now. thanks for all your input.


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    I would start out with a check up on them. Do a compression test on both of them put in fresh plugs and fuel filters.
    lube the needed points. My raider 760 has two points to lube for the drive shaft bearing and for the starter bendix, not sure about ventures.
    I would think the raider should be faster than the venture. Bigger motor and I believe the hull is lighter.
    So it may have an issue or two with it start with a compression test move one from there. It could be anything from compression, carbs, to the impeller, depending on exactly what it is doing. Converting from oil injection to premix is pretty easy.
    some people do not like to premix though. I don`t know how many tanks of gas I could get per tank of oil. I switched mine to premix on the second tank of gas the oil tank still had a lot left in it.
    If you ride in salt water I guess you need to be paticular on cleaning and flushing due to corrosion. I am sure somebody with experience in that area will chime in.

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    thanks desertdweller, thats exactly what i was thinking of doing.... kinda like a general look over/tune up.
    i will look for those lube points you mentioned.
    i thought the raider should be faster to, but going around the lake the venture just walks away from it. the raider was left in brackish water for some time and does have a (very) slight scale build up on it. other then that it runs like a top, nail the throttle and it stands up and takes off. so maybe more the impeller?
    so what are the draw backs of using premix...other then the hassel of premixing?
    we have just been using them in fresh water now, but yes just like the boat, cleaning and flushing will be in order if they go into brackish or salt water. its not that bad though, atleast on the boat that is, these might be a little different.

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    I will pop in on the premix question. I run with my oil pump intact. The reason is if your carb/diaphram takes a [email protected] you are not getting oil to the combustion chambers. The first thing folks do when the ski wont start is keep turning it over. No oil = rings toasted. I have a 92 650 that just wont die.

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    Oh yeah, also read those mikuni oil pumps almost never fail. It is usually a hose pops off. I double clamped mine and check them ocassionally.

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    The best thing is to just read a lot of posts here. I just got some 95 Wave Ventures this year too and have learned a lot by working on them and these forums are extremely helpful. Although there could be different things wrong with the Raider, since you say it sounds strong, one thing to check on it is called the "wear ring". If it is real worn, it won't make as much power from the impeller as the water will be escaping past the impeller instead of being pushed thru. This would be the gap between the impeller and the housing it sits in.

    I'm going to stick with the built in oiler system. I have ordered some "pinch clamps" and will be crimping all the oil line connections so that they cannot "fall off", which is the big problem with these. Amazingly the factory uses zip ties (wow, and you wonder why they sometimes come off!) You can almost get about 2 1/2 tanks of gasoline for one tank of oil. So if you are doing some cruising with people and need fuel, you can just stop at any fuel station on the water. If you are using pre-mix, you would have to somehow bring that with your or have someone on a boat bring it with them.

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