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    MSX 150 W/ No Spark

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an '04 MSX 150 that I recently purchased to work on and it has no spark! I thought perhaps it was the coil pack but I'm not getting any sort of reading out of the plugs.
    It turns over just fine, the lcd seems to function properly, and there are no check engine lights.
    Does anyone know if the ecu could be bad and how to check it? Or perhaps another alternative to fixing this problem?



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    The four-stroke turbo Weber engine is the most complex that Polaris used in any watercraft. The diagnostics are specific to the Weber engine.

    You will need to do a bunch of searching and reading. Start here;
    Polaris MSX 150, MSX 110

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    I was about to say ask K447 - But my page just refreshed and.....

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    Thank you for the link! I skimmed through it briefly last week but I'll go through it in-depth this time

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    If your battery votage drops below 10.8v while cranking you will get no spark or injection.

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