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    XL1200LTD Power surge

    Purchased used XL1200(2000) and have had trouble since day one.Originally rode it and ran Ok top end, but would not idle.Carried it back to seller,he claims new carb kits put in but wouldn't do anything for me.Carried to a local mechanic.He claims carbs never built right.Worked on them, got it to run and idle but suddenly ran away with him,he shut down and discovered exhaust sensor was unplugged and sealed with caulk.My question is this? Would the unplugged sensor cause it to run away while idling? Do not want to buy new sensor($190) if this is not the original problem.Could the CDI box be bad? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like an air leak making it run lean and causing it to run away like that. That could easily happen if someone didn't know what they were doing when rebuilding and reinstalling the carbs. I don't think the CDI or exhaust sensor would have anything to do with it.

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    How long after rebuilding carbs did it 'run away'? If it was only just after he'd started it, that's normal if he didn't prime the fuel pumps in the carbs. It's a 'lean condition runaway' caused by not enough fuel after initial start-up following a rebuild. Hopefully he stopped it QUICK by pulling the choke, so not causing any damage to the engine. Prime the fuel pumps by cranking with the spark plug caps removed to get fuel into them before trying to restart. If it still runs away, then there's an airleak somewhere on the intake (carb gaskets, reed gaskets etc), or has the throttle jammed open?

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