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Thread: Pulling a tube

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    Pulling a tube

    Wasn't sure if this was the right area, but figured I would ask here.

    Have a 97 SLT780 that will be back on the water soon. Looking to get some opinions on what tubes everyone like's to pull behind theirs. Riders will be the kids mainly, maybe my wife if I can convince her to try it.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thoughts?


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    We have a couple of O'Brien Delta darts, they are triangular shaped single person tubes. They seem to be a little more stable than the round tubes, especially if you swing them outside the wake in a sharp turn and then back over the wake. Our daughters love them and my wife does too as long as I keep her in the wake.

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    I've never had any luck towing a tube with my '03 Virage. The law here (from what I was told by an officer - who knows if it is true) says that a person has to be sitting backwards to be a spotter. Every time someone goes on backwards, they get sick within a minute from the smell of exhaust. Not sure why nobody else seems to have this problem, maybe I'm doing something wrong, lol.

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    yea, most states you have to have the spotter facing the rear, plus in some you have to have an orage flag up too.

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    we use what ever we got and hope for the best lol.. we normally use my buddy's slt780 and she pulls fine!we even do two tubes and now since i have the SLT-X it should be even easier

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    i pull a o'brien single person with my sltx . it has the closed in bottom , to reduce drag , kids love it , as do i ! think it is a 52 inch ??
    tubing behid the ski can be way more fun than a boat , just because of the agility of the ski .

    you can get passed the spotter rule in some places if .... you have mirrors on your machine . check your local laws ! a phone call to the local authorities can be the best bet , or google them in your area !

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    In Michigan you need to have a driver, a spotter and the rider on a 3 seater jetski. Doesn't say anything about keeping the spotter backwards.. just needs to be watching the rider.

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