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    Swap carbs or not?

    Here's a quick run down on what I'm doing. I have a 97 spx and a 97 xp both with the 787 engine. I bought the proX F/A and the jetting kit from rossier to put in the xp.

    The carbs on the spx do not have the accel pump and the xp does. THe guy at rossier said to toss the accel pump. My question is should I swap carbs and put the set with the accel pump on the spx and put the jet kit and proX's on te non accel pump carbs and use those in the xp?? Or do the accel pumps just suck and take them off and put the kit on those carbs?

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    I forgot to mention. I've never had the spx on the water yet. But the spx starts right up with no choke where the xp needs choke and cranks for a little while before it starts.

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    sorry to change subject but what did the jet kit N FAs run ya?

    i probably would just swap carbs

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