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    What prop to go with?

    I'm in the process of putting my ski back together after my supercharger bearings locked up and threw the gear in the engine. Got the gear and everything else out, am changing oil pumps, upgrading oil sprayer, etc. I have a 2005 RXP and going with X-charger, 42# injectors, and PROP??? IT is currently stock except for the free flow exhaust. What prop to get as not to have to change ECU and hit rev limitter. Will a standard size off the shelf with no pitching work. ANy advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    14x19r untouched get air induction as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADAMBOMB View Post
    14x19r untouched get air induction as well!
    +1 solas concord or just a standard 14x19 would do for a little less $$.... also the 4'' intake is a few bucks well spent... will really bring your ski to life.

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    if you go with air, or an external IC. I am running x charger 42's. IC, 4' intake, with a 15/20

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