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    GP1200R engine rebuild?

    Out on the lake the other day and the engine just started bogging down and cut off. Would not crank back up for more than a few seconds. Got it out of the water and the rear piston has almost no compression while the center and front pistons are ok. Powervalves still function properly also. Would it be too hard to remove the cylinders myself and get them honed out along with new pistons? I have experience with small engines and this does not seem extremely difficult to do although I have not worked on a jet ski motor before. I'm trying to keep this as economical as possible. Any advice would be very helpful before I start ripping the engine apart. Thanks, Sean

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    I was in the same boat you are a few months back with an xl800. Had some mechanical knowlege but not with skis. Replaced both cyls, pistons, rings and rebuilt carbs. Did a bit of searching on the forum and found all my answers. Was much easier than I thought and ski runs ike a champ. Just keep everything organized and marked (cables and hoses) and you should be just fine.

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    I really would like to try and do it myself, it doesnt look too difficult. Is there a forum on here showing how to remove the engine or maybe a manual?

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    Where are you located, SCW?

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    I'm in Bonaire, GA right by Robins AFB.

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    all the answer you need & advice is here on this forum, use the search feature first & then ask any questions you may have, you def can do this yourself

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