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    Coolant drains right out of reservoir tank.

    2004 msx150

    as quick as I add coolant it comes out somewhere underneath the turbocharger. I pinch the outlet hose from the tank and all is well. Unpinched, and I can see the river of coolant coming from that small inaccessible place; to far for my arms and hands squeeze into.

    Before I venture into the wiles of disassembly of the turbo (ugh) and other obsticles, I thought I would see if someone had some scholarly wisdom to share with me.


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    Was the ski "winterized" by a dealer? I know of dealers that will, for no reason (other than to inflate service bill), drain the antifreeze by disconnecting the coolant hose that connects to the heat exchanger located under the inter-cooler. This was the condition of my MSX 150 when I bought it used. Unless the ski is being parked outside in Alaska there is little chance that 50/50 antifreeze is going to freeze and damage the engine. Plus the service interval is 5 years.

    To check if this is the issue, disconnect inter-cooler intake hoses and remove two bolts and push it forward. Remove air intake from turbo inlet, shine light down to heat exchanger and you will have an immediate answer. In the process you will also expose other possible leak sources.

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    Check out these photos for some enlightenment, not so easy to see is the S shaped hose from the block side of the turbo to the water pump.

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