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Thread: 1993 gsx help

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    1993 gsx help

    93 gsx oil comes out exhaust when you start it up after it been sitting for a while any thoughts? thanks steve

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    seadoo did not make a GSX in 93...check the year and motor and reply back...or post a picture thats easier

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    Common issue with older seadoos - crank seals leak injector oil from the rotary valve cavity into the combustion chamber. You can either store with little oil in the tank, loop the RV oil lines (takes the weight of all the oil in the tank off the seals), or rebuild the engine. I have just learned to deal with it. When it gets real bad, the oil will completely fill and hydrolock the cylinders. When mine gets this way, I will probably loop the oil lines and fill them with gear oil (a little thicker, and won't leak as quickly)

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