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    Current ZXi no race owners, if you could help.

    i do not race!

    i donot want to be the fastest!

    i would like to atleast calm down the bow hop!

    i donot have access to unlimited funds! so spending just for trial is not an option!

    if you currently own a 1998 to 2000 kawasaki ZXi 1100 and use it for pleasure riding/cruising in fresh water rivers with boat traffic and have sucessfully calmed down the bow hop for very little funds [under $200.00] then please share what you done.

    otherwise ill ride it as is, park it, or trade it in for something less costly.

    all other non ZXi owners please donot reply to this thread.

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    Try to find a used R+D rideplate....that helped alot. Some had luck with adding washers under certain rideplate boltson the stock plate, I did not go that route just used the afftermarket rideplate.....

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