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    (stupid) Question about testing trigger coils.

    I'm using the ohm method as I can't get my static timing light to work.

    I'm getting the expected open circuit when the coils are not activated, but upon hitting TDC and closing a coil, I'm seeing ~103 ohms instead of the 25ohms that the service manual procedure below says I should. I'm getting the exact same reading on all three cylinders. All other ohm tests on the stator test out fine.

    Is this a bad result? Is the manual wrong?

    This is on the '96 1050 with an update.
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    What meter are you using for the test?

    What you are measuring are not wire coils, but Hall Effect sensors. These are tiny electronic devices that sense a magnetic field and change their electrical resistance.

    The exact ohms you see on the meter will vary depending on the meter. Polaris used a Fluke digital meter for the reference ohm numbers.

    What is important is that you see a sudden and rapid change in ohms as the trigger position is reached by the trigger magnet (there is just one magnet in the flywheel inner ring). That sudden change to a low resistance is what the CDI is looking for, and that is what triggers the ignition pulse within the CDI.

    Away from the trigger position, the ohms reading should be very high - many thousands of ohms or greater.

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