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    DIY modification of ride plate--SXR 800

    Howdy. I bought a brand new stand-up jet ski a few months ago and, for a while, I thought I was just too big to ever ride it. I'm fairly athletic but I 6'2" and I weigh 330 lbs and I thought, like many things including airplane seats, the ski just wasn't built to handle someone of my size. But I kept at it and now I can get up every time and stay up no matter how big the waves are.

    Here are my two problems:

    1) I'm getting better at hard turns but now sometimes the rear end slides instead of digs in; and

    2) I've never been able to use all of the throttle and get up to top speed because, if I'm standing too far forward the front end digs in too much and tries to divert me from my course and if I'm standing too far back it starts to porpoise.

    I've got a mig welder that can weld aluminum and I bought a stock SRX 800 ride plate on ebay for like 30 bucks. I'm going to weld an extension aluminum plate and experiment with various configurations but maybe ya'll can start me down the right track.

    I know I need to add length to the stock ride plate for more rear lift to stop the porpoising but how much length for a guy my size? I know most aftermarket "extended" plates are about 2 inches longer than stock but that might not be all the length I need at my weight.

    And what about the skidding? Will too much length on the ride plate make the skidding worse?

    And what about the holes that are in lots of aftermarket ride plates, are they designed to divert water upward in order to keep the rear end of the ski planted and keep it from skidding on tight turns? So if I add them would I be defeating the purpose of the extra length by injecting "negative" lift into the equation?

    Sorry for all the newb questions.



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    Bump. Sad b/c no responses.

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    Like you I'm a bigger guy. I've been on my kids old SJ quite a bit but I'm totally spent after about 20min. of continuous riding... Not sure about how much to add to the plate but extended plates help a lot for bigger guys. Maybe look into "tubbies" for the front to help keep the front up a bit and not dig in. As for the skidding I had a lot of luck with an Ocean Pro plate, it has skegs or strakes built into the bottom of the plate to help keep the back tracking. Since you can mig your at a HUGE advantage. Extend the plate 4" to start and add some skegs leading to the rear...try it out. I'm curious to how you make out and what you find.
    Also, check out A lot of stand up riders over there.
    Good Luck

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    also, welcome to greenhulk!

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