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    03 MSX 140 extrmely noisy at idle

    I have 2 03 MSX 140's, both have about 90 hours. I run the good Polaris oil in them. One started to get very noisy at idle. It has no power loss, back fire or other problems and runs well. But at idle the entire engine sounds like a very loud ticking clock. When the seat is off at idle and you put your head above the injectors it is piercing loud at all three cylinders. I am concerned something bad is about to happen, but I want to run it for the holiday. Any thoughts? Also, where can you buy replacement engines for this if I blow it up? Thanks, Scott

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    Scott, is the noise coming from the engine or maybe the driveline area?
    When mine started getting noisy it was actually the thru hull bearing assembly. I posted pictures here somewhere, the bearing fell apart, ruined the driveshaft and maaaaan was she nosiy at idle.

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    thanks for the sounds like it is coming from the top of the engine, but I don't know for sure....I am going to check your tip on you have a link for those pics? Any other signs the bearing is going bad? extra vibration, etc?

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    Remove the jetpump / driveshaft assy and start it to determine if the noise is drive related.


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