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    Fuel additives ??

    Do any of you use fuel additives on a regular basis, are they worth it? Is there any noticible performance increase or mostly a gimic? I know fresh gas and maybe a little stabilizer, but is there any benefit to some of these highly marketed fuel additives for 2-stroke jet skis?

    And, if you have had some success with some of them....which one do you like?

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    Ive tried a few of the brands a while back and honestly didnt see any gain at any part of the rpm range.... Fuel stabil is a must i believe. As for the past month of cleaning the screens on my fuel pickup from what they are calling ethanol seperation in the gas cloggs the line and starved the motor out. fuel stabil has fixed that solution but as far as additives like octane boosters.... i dont recommend wasting the money!

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    I have used torco mach accelerator when I couldnt get 93 on the water. It worked fine for me, it is expensive though. It is a race gas additive. I use stabil when I winterize

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    Think of it this way the additives at most stores are crap.....and for $7 + dollars you can get a whole gallon of race fuel 108 octane or even better yet leaded for a little more then a buck more.

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    Not to sound stupid....but where can you usually get 108 octane / race fuel.....I live in a big city (new orleans) and dont have a clue. Will it negatively effect a stock engine in any way??

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    If you have a stock motor then it will actually hurt performance. Race gas is needed with high compression or say raised compression and tripples.

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    I've always had good luck with seafoam in cars and trucks...

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    i also use seafoam....and will stay away from the race fuel for now...thanks a bunch.

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    i live in the uk where fuel is 95 ron and 99 ron from the pumps, i use silcolene pro boost and have used it for over 5 years this is an octane booster, i swear by it add 250 mils to a full tank, takes pump 99 octane gas to 110 it really is worth the cash its expensive though, 15 uk pounds for a littre tin

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