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    Starting problems

    Well I just bought a 1996 Polaris SLT 780. It looks like it is in great shape but the guy I bought it from said it needs a new starter regulator. I called a Polaris mechanic and he said it was the solenoid? The ski acts like it wants to turn over but wont? Does anyone know which one it is or are they the same thing?

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    what happens when you try to start it? have you checked the battery voltage with a voltmeter?

    does it click when you try to start or does it sound like it will start but doesn't have any gas?

    go through the fuel system and replace it. carbs rebuilt too, empty the fuel tank and put in new fuel. go through the tech & tips section here and look through xlint & k447's posts, all good info.

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    You will need to do some specific diagnostics in order to figure out what is going on.

    What exactly happens when you press the start button?

    Do you have a multi-meter?
    What is the battery voltage while you are pressing the start button?

    Have you opened up the electrical box yet?
    Any moisture or corrosion inside?

    Note: Do NOT let the electrical box shell touch the battery posts.

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