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    Question I was fine till I started reading this forum!

    Hey all!

    I just picked up a brand new 2010 FZS (Metallic Blue)... got it for $12,600 otd (inc. tax and trailer). I think I got an OK deal given the time of year.

    Anyway, I'll be riding it for the first time on Friday and was perfectly OK with it until I began to read some of these threads. Maybe you guys can help reassure me.

    The first thing that caught my eye was the FZR hulls cracking. From what I've read, it seems to be from jumping waves? I'm going to be riding my ski on local lakes only... so I'll only encounter small waves/wakes. Should I avoid jumping at all? I'm not going to use ratchet tie downs and I will use the tow eye instead of the built in hooks. Any other suggestions?

    The second issue and to me the one that's giving me second thoughts about WOT runs, is the chance of being bucked off. I'm 43 and I certainly don't want to take any unnecessary chances. I'd prefer to be as safe as I possibly can be given the sport. As I read more about this, there really doesn't seem to be any consistency about how this happens, (other than maybe letting off on the throttle to quickly?). I'm so concerned, I just ordered the R&D intake grate and the pump seal kit.

    A couple of questions... did I order the correct parts?:

    FZR Aquavein Intake Grate Pt. # 112-18001
    FZR Pump Seal KitPt. # 162-00007

    How easy are these to install? I've read it's just a few bolts, silicon, and lock tight. Any suggestions?

    Will these parts/mods void the warranty?

    This will be my 4th waverunner, but I've never had anything more powerful than ~125hp, so this will be a new experience for me. I also realize that I'm over reacting to a certain extent, but like I said, I would rather play it as safe as possible.

    Any suggestions, comments, reassurance, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
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    I honeslty do not know what the cracking stems from. I don't jump a thing but I do use a strap on the rear of my trailer to keep the ski from dancing around during transport. The cracking in that special area is also why I almost refuse to cut a hole on my ski for the thru-hull exhaust. On the other hand I may be over reacting but so be it. That is the right grate and plug. It really is cake to do. Just remember to use your sealer, loctite and TORQUE ALL BOLTS! Don't overtighten the rear grate bolts. I don't have the service manual PDF close by or I would get the specs for you. Somebody will chime in though. Put that grate on and call it a day. Oh yea... Then go ride. Also yank the foam inserts from behind the shiny chrome cowls up near the handle bars!!

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    Gotta ask. You did insure your PWC and trailer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHOBiz View Post
    Gotta ask. You did insure your PWC and trailer?
    Absolutely. I asked the dealer to use his internet connection while I was there so I could get insurance before I took it off the lot.

    One of the sales guys was saying how most people would drive off the lot without it! That's asking for trouble.

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    Congrats on the purchase.

    That ski sucks.

    Break her in right.

    After the intake grate, do the intake ribbon removal (maybe have someone do it for you?), free flow intake and a re-pitch on the stock prop. If you're feeling randy, do the R2 ECU reflash--you'll like it.

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    Congratulations on the new ride. No worries mate. I have a 09 FZS, used tie downs on the eyes, towed the ski from Tennessee to south Alabama, then to Morgan City, Louisiana, back to AL, up to north Mississippi, then to Louisville Kentucky. Around 3k miles on the trailer. No hull issue as of yet. I never used a gorilla arm to tighten the straps though. Just snug.
    I also still have the stock intake grate, rode 60+ miles a day for 5 days straight at Mud Bug (mostly with 5001craig), no buck issues. We ran hard sometimes, and across choppy lakes for miles. I really like my FZS. You will love it too. Ride like you stole it.

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    Here is a great write up on the grate and ppk from another forum member. Have fun out there.

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