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    2004 RXP - Rebuild / Mod Suggestions

    This past weekend my 2004 RXP had a failure in the engine. From looking around and the way it happened it seems it was a dropped valve. So with this I am now faced with what I should do for repair and modifications.

    Current setup: Riva 3" Intake, Riva BOV, Riva Thru Hull Exhaust, Stock Intercooler, Solas 14/19 Prop (I Believe), and RIVA OPAS Block offs, and WORX Grate, supercharger had updated shaft and metal washers installed.

    I will be working on breaking down the motor to see the extent of damage this week. But what do you guys think the chances are of a bent crank?

    Also I know SBT got a bad wrap early on, but are they still producing bad engines? Are they reliable now?

    I am not looking for anything rediculous with modifications, but It will be tempting with everything out and apart. I assume I should replace intercooler since it is now 6 years old and ridden in salt water? With that Might as well go with an external intercooler of course.

    I am not looking to up my RPM's anymore than the stock 8100 Limiter, just looking for maybe a little more umph. Lets hear it.

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    You will not know till you pull the head and then the oil pan. The cranks are strong, most of the time they are ok, unless you lost oil pressure and fried the bearings. You may get by with a just a piston and a good used head. You just don't know, yet.

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    I think this is my current plan following the air flow through: 3" Riva Intake, Riva Gen II SC Impeller, Fizzle XS Intercooler, Stock engine build, Riva Thru Hull Exhaust.

    Currently on the pump side I have a Solas 14/19 prop, Worx Intake grate, and Riva Pro OPAS.

    With the above engine setup would I have to up the Prop to a 15/20? I'm already running close to the 8100 limiter. Is the above setup safe as far as reliability and not running lean?

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    you are probably going to want 42lb injectors with that external i/c also... and yes most likely going to want to go with a 15/20.. if i were you i would go with a c3 or a s3 wheel... or maybe just an x charger to make it easy...

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    How long did you run it after you noticed something was wrong?

    An external intercooler, bigger supercharger, and rideplate mod will all give you good gains, even at 8100.

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    I think the ski dropped a valve. I was riding behind a boat. Not fast at all since I had a passenger. Boat slowed and turning left. I accelerated right and probably around 7k rpms engine just instantly died. Not warning, no spudder. Just stopped like a rock. This is the reason I think it dropped a valve.

    Sorry if the next questions are newbie like. I was into this scene a couple years ago, but fell off the band wagon around the time the X-models came out.

    So what we are saying is if I am flowing enough air i.e. SC wheel and external intercooler then I can just drop inlarger injectors on the factory ECU? How is overall drivability like that. I figure larger injectors will make the low end be too rich.

    So the X-Model chargers really flow that much more air over the standard 215 Chargers? With that being said currently on 4tecperformance there is a sale for a Riva X-Charger Pro-Series Impeller & Housing. Do you guys know if this is intended for the X-charger, or to modify a normal charger to the X-charger spec?

    Thanks in advance. I am not looking for a carazy machine. Just looking for good performance over others and reliability. Like I said most likely going with a stock Engine again. Oh yeah .. any comments on SBT?

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