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    Battery Indicator flashing on my 150 Ultra

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and just recently bought a 2000 Kawasaki 150 Ultra with 120 hours on it, everything is clean motor was well maintain by the owner who was a Jet Ski Mechanic. I recently noticed that when I fire the Ski up the dash flashes a battery light (in the shape of a battery) and im taking the Ski out this weekend and was wondering if this is a problem before I get to the river. I dont want to get out to the river and find that it wont run.

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    If it is doing it at idle and at lower RPM's that's OK. My 2000 has done that from the day I bought it off the showroom floor. Now if it does that at highr RMP's then you do have a problem (likely the voltage regulator).

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    Yea it only does it at idle, when I rev it up the light doesnt flash anymore. Thanks for the help! big relief off my soulders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christophhhh View Post
    Yea it only does it at idle, when I rev it up the light doesnt flash anymore. Thanks for the help! big relief off my soulders!
    Yes that is a pretty common issue with the 1200 Kawi's. Have had three and they all did it.

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    Does the light flashing indicate the battery is not getting a charge?

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    no, doesnt necessarily mean you battery is not charging, just maybe not at the exact rate. I have two Ultras and they both do it after idling for a while back at the dock. Recently, i Didnt go out on the lake for a month and they started right up, no battery problems. It is just not charging at the exact rate that is within tolerance, thus the flashing light. Sometimes it is a stator (ie. alternator) problem...if you are having battery problems (once your sure you dont have a bad battery). Other, most likely, its the voltage regulator (as someone said earlier). The voltage regulator is located in the small enclosed box behind the battery.

    A very common problem !!! Sometimes annoying....

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