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    Question about driveshaft

    If i pull the driveshaft will the oil drain out? Or is the shaft coupled outside of the motor? I let my friend tow me on the wakeboard and of course he sucked up the rope, it jammed into that plastic/rubber seal thing where the shaft enters the hull!

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    Some residual may drain out but thats it.

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    "plastic rubber seal thing" is your carbon seal, keeps the water OUT of your ski. better give it a good once over before you put it back on, may be worth the 80 or so bucks to replace it!

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    Sorry i should have explained it better,the carbon seal is fine the rope didnt go that far. Right before the shaft enters the hull theres a rubber plug it seems like that is glued into the hull, it got chewed up on the outside a little but i think that is just a cushion for the shaft right? I ran in on the trailer at the ramp, didnt see any leaks so far. Also anyone have the torque #s for the pump to hull? The whole assembly with 4 bolts

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    The torque specs are as follows. Looking at the pump from the rear of the craft. Top left hand bolt (1) tighten to 16 N.m (142, Bottom right hand bolt (2) as above. Top right hand bolt (3) 31 N.m (23 lbf.ft), Bottom left hand bolt (4) same as (3), Top left hand bolt (5) same as (4 & 3), Bottom right hand bolt (6) same as (5, 4 & 3).

    From 1 to 2: 16 N.m (142
    From 3 to 6: 31 N.m (23 lbf.ft)

    Hope this makes sense and helps.

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    Before you put the pump back in, lightly grease the sealing rubber, and the inside edge of the pump shoe where it locates.
    The seal sometimes mis-aligns itself. If it leaks, it will cavitate lightly as it draws air in through the seal area face.

    Always run your hand/finger around the edge of the pump when it is located and on the splines. It should be a snug fit all around, and no rubber seal hanging out.

    Change the steering cable 316 nyloc nut for peace of mind also.

    Do not x-thread the bolts as they go in.... costly pita.

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