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    2001 GXT Carb Jetting???

    I am about to go through the entire fuel system on my 2001 GXT. It is bogging bad in low rpm's. I found a place to get the accelerator pump diaphragm but no check valve. I have read that simply rejetting to #95 Pilot will eliminate the need for the pump.

    What method is preferred??? You all know getting the carbs off is a bastard so I want the most dependable fix. I don't however want to replace a motor cause it ran lean and fried.

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    The 95 Pilot is used when replacing the stock air box with Prok filters AND not using the Accel pump.

    That would probably be too rich on the bottom with a stock box and may not start/idle worth a crap once it has warmed up.

    I would think more like an 87 or even a 90 but you should be prepared to swap jets a few times before you find the right one.

    Either that or go ahead and get a set of Proks, stick 167s in the Mains and run 95 Pilots and have a better running boat.

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    Is there any place to get accelerator pump repair kits for my carbs? I found a Mikuni accelerator pump diaphragm at Parker Yamaha. There is no "Year or Model" listing for it. Will it fit ANY accelerator pump? Lots of you must have the same problem, please chime in.

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    Sorry man, I have never heard of this happening on a SD before you posted it. Cars occasionally, though not very often now (mostly FI out there these days).

    You might get with Jim (his screen name on here) and see if he can get it for you. As far as I know, they all use the same pump (at least, the 947s should be the same, I think).

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    Yes all the same

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