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    Yamaha 2010 fx cruiser sho, break down first 5 minutes, yamaha refuses to replace.

    I purchased this June 12th from Action Jet Sports in Bradenton Florida and took it straight to the water. Within half a mile the warning lights came on and there was a loss of power. We managed to get it back to shore and back to the dealer where they replaced a faulty sensor. The next time we took it out it ran for two hours then did the same thing. Back to the dealer. At this point we asked for a replacement but no it seems the dealer can only do what Yamaha says. Nothing was replaced the waverunner has around 6 hours on it from dealer testing. Then we went out again last Saturday and it was fine for 2.5 hours. Sunday we took it out and the warning light came on yet again with a power loss, this was after running it for about 400 feet.
    Yamaha will not stand by their product and replace this faulty unit the Dealer has not replaced this now three weeks later and three out of four trips by us now having to return. My only option seems to be to sue the dealer which is coming next. It took 2 and a half weeks for Yamaha to even bother to discuss this with me which came last night by some customer service rep called Josselyn who said no the unit is not being replaced. Rude she was, so no I have no option other that to sue the dealer.
    I bought this machine to be able to take long trips and use for visiting family and children which obviously I cannot do for the fear of it breaking down again maybe next time it could leave me in trouble especially with the storms in the gulf brewing up so suddenly.
    The machine looks great, and when its working performed well, I do not like the turning it seems unpredictable over my old machine, however, if anyone out there is considering purchase I would seriously consider going elsewhere as if this happens to you count on bad service from Yamaha. I have owned Yamaha since 1993 and have been happy up until the purchase of this machine.

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    You've got a really good machine and I can see where Yamaha and the dealership would refuse to replace it if the issue is not one of w catastrophic engine failure. It sounds like you have a minor electrical issue and a major dealership issue. Have you tried taking it to a different dealer to have them take a look at the problem? If the ski has that few hours I'm sure the problem will be fixed under warranty.

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    Just curious, what exactly did you do when you put it in the water the first time?

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