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    hydro turf deck installation

    hi, i have a 1997 gp 760 waverunner, and i have all the foot wells done with hydro turf. that part was easy.
    now for the rear part, i drilled out the rivits and removed the plastic strip.
    my question is now,do i tug and glue the back part first, then screw it down and move on toward the front?
    what size screws and nuts do you reccommend?
    and how do i remove the rooster tail round thing? i saw a plastic nut under there but when i turn it, the whole thing turns. any help guys,,,,please!!!1

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    use a hex driver to hold the top in place while you un screw the nut!

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    You cannot tug once it sticks you cannot move it
    I started at the top and moved back .
    Apply some pressure then you rivet the bumper back.

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