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    XLT 1200 (2004) Carb refurbishment

    Hi all, went to use the ski last weekend for the first time this year, pulled in the throttle lever to start and the lever stayed depressed to the handle. Checked cables, all fine so removed the carbs. The butterfly (throttle) on the middle carb is really stiff, obviously some water has got into the spindle. Is it just a case of removing the shaft the butterfly sits on, cleaning, lubricating and reassembling ot should I get these professionaly refurbished? Does anyone know anywhere in UK that might be able to do this type of work?

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    Welcome to the Forum, Read this thread it explains the procedure for repairing.

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    Hi Macca. Where in the UK are you? Follow Osidebills' link (and any advice he gives) and you'll be fine. I'm on the west coast near to Blackpool. Cheers, Dave.

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