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    Question Lake Michigan - Diversey Harbor

    Hey everyone,

    I normally ride in Lake Geneva or on the Illinois out of Morris, went out on the ocean in Ftl Lauderdale in Feb, that rocked. I want take a ride on Lake Michigan and decided Diversey would probobly be the best choice (prefer not going out of Hammond - want the skyline scenery) and up since we live Joliet-Shorewood, don't want to go up on the north shore.

    It is just me riding (my husband prefers our boat). He will just hang out while I go out. I am a good rider and careful, but what are you thoughts on me going out alone (staying close, not venturing out too far) just for the fun of it? Has anyone launched at Diversey?

    Thanks much, I am hoping to do something over the next few days depending on conditions.


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    No problem going out alone, I do it all the time. Be smart and safe, carry your safety gear, phones radios and such and have fun.

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    I go out all the time alone in Morris. I was up in Milwaukee on lake Mich alone. Just do what Haley said and you will be fine. Just make sure people know where you are going and take it easy and slow. I never knew how rocky lake Mich was until I got out there in Milwaukee. There were rocks the size of trucks 300ft off shore and it was shallow I was standing on one at least 200ft from shore! OH also watch out for tides I beached my ski for maybe an hour went for a walk then I came back and the lake had moved back 20ft I had to drag my 1300r with a full tank of gas 45ft to get in deep enough water to float then a ton of rocks that were not there before became visible. Good Luck and be careful

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    I went out a couple of Saturdays ago. Lake Geneva was a lot rougher (due to the chop) so it was really like a sightseeing trip, lol. It was really awesome. I prefer being out in the country but the Chicago skyline is beauiful from the lake.

    Thanks folks, for your comments!

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