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    Help with setup for R&D 1-1 pulley kit

    Hi guys

    Im installing 1-1 pulley kit with regulator, pink injectors, power shot, on Ultra 260x.
    I have LM-2 AFR sensor.

    Please give advise about base fuel setup for installing it.
    Need i install power shot? or can get good result without it?

    Thank you

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    You should get a hp fuel pump and the power shot. start with 50 psi fuel pressure and tune your afr from there. You will need to remove your fuel pump to install the fitting for the return line anyway. install a fuel pressure gauge as well.

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    But 50 PSI is too rich i tried yesterday 37 PSI was the best on AFR. I tried with stock fuel pump. Do i really need HP fuel pump? Because i use pink injectors?

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    With what you described, then your Fuel Pressure "FP" should fall into 36 to 40 psi at sea level.

    Stock Fuel pump will work but if you see drop in FP at WOT then youll need to change it to a HP.

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    sorry missed the pink injectors.

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