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    2008 rxp 215, stock metal washers?

    Hi Guys

    friend of mine just picked up a new old stock 2008 seadoo rxp (215 hp model) with 1 hour on it.

    He asked me about the washers, dealer told him the 2008 came with ceramic washers on the SC.

    Just want to double check with the experts since dealers are always clueless, should we take apart the SC to replace the washers with riva metal washers ?

    I dont want to start taking things apart if its perfectly fine, he plans on keeping it stock anyways. Just want to be cautious in case it does have ceramics. I looked at the SC and it looks the same as my 05 rxp, doesnt seem to have any physical changes from the outside.

    Thanks in advance

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    The stock 2008 washers are metal and they work fine as long as proper slip is maintained. Check and adjust it and ride out bro.

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